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Account Services

Account transfers

Moving over from another host? No worries, we'll take the hassle out of moving by doing it for you! and for FREE. Just send your account domain name with hosting username and password to us by clicking here

Upgrade / Downgrade Account

We upgrade your hosting package for FREE, and if you want to downgrade your hosting package you will pay $10 in order for us to proccess the request. Send a request of Upgrade or downgrade by clicking here

Restore Account

Our backups run once every Friday.
The data that will be restored will be from the previous Friday.
The restore fee of $15 will be waived if you provide your own backup file. Restore Account by clicking here

Terminate Account

More information may be required to cancel your account. Please do not assume that your account is canceled until you have received a confirmation stating that we have canceled your account. Send Terminate Account request by clicking here