POP Email

The hassle-free, professional email solution

Save time and stay in touch with a personalized email.

POP Email is a customizable email account that allows you to create the name you want and set up multiple mailboxes using your domain name, such as sales@mydomain.com. Access your email on the web or download it to your computer, our email plans keep your inbox safe and clutter-free with a powerful, built-in protection against viruses, spam and fraud. Plus, now your email is advertising-free!

An affordable solution to get a memorable, personalized email address.

ree email accounts do not provide the same professionalism, security, and control as paid email. Their web pages are often covered with advertisements and up-sell gimmicks.


1 GB


50 MB

Web Access

Spam Protection

POP and SMTP Access

Email Forwarding

Antivirus Protection

No Advertising

Outgoing emails per day, per account


Accounts Per Pack

10 Accounts


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between email forwarding and an actual POP3 email account?

Basically, email forwarding just redirects an email written to your domain name (i.e. sales@mycompanyname.com) to a true email box/account (i.e. Johndoe@hotmail.com).

With a POP3 email account, the email sent to your domain name (i.e. sales@mycompanyname.com) will go into your domain name's in-box, allowing you to reply from the same email address.

All I need is one POP email account, can I buy just one?

If you just need one, buy an Email Pak and use only one mailbox.

Can I split the mailboxes I get with one Email Pak into several for multiple domains?

Ex: 5 mailboxes for example.com and 5 mailboxes for example.net.

No, each Email Pak is purchased and managed from only one domain at a time.

I purchased an Email Pak and have set up a user. How do I set-up my email software (email client, like Microsoft Outlook or Netscape)?

These are the settings you will need to use:

How do I set-up my webmail?

Your "webmail" is created as soon as you create a mailbox in an Email Pak. All settings are automatically configured and you are ready to go online, login to your account and start sending/receiving email.

How do I login to my webmail?

You first type into your browser this URL: webmail.(the domain you use for this particular email account)

Ex: webmail.example.com to start using info@example.com. Now login with the particular email address you want to use (in this example "info@example.com") and type in the password.

How do I extend a POP3 mailbox?

You will have to renew the entire Email Pak.

Can I edit users individually?

You can add users individually and modify their passwords individually.

Can I modify my display name?

Once you create the POP email account, you will be able to create and edit the display name with all other settings when you login to your "webmail" online.

How many email boxes can I have per domain name?

You can have as many as you want. As soon as one Email Pak gets filled with all email boxes, you can add another one with more.

How do I get a POP email account?

Signing up is easy just follow these steps.

How do I edit a POP email account?

How do I delete an account?

Please keep in mind it is NOT possible to get the email or address book that was in an account after it has been deleted. Therefore, do not delete your email account until you are sure you no longer need old email or the address book.

What if I use any or all of the mailboxes in my Email Paks for only one month?

The charge is not refundable in whole or part.

How long does it take for the email address to be active?

As soon as you have checked out your Email Pak and your order has been processed, and you have added users/mailboxes, your mailboxes will be ready.